Starting This Once More

Hey Guys!

So, as you can obviously tell I haven’t been on this for a while, and what can I say? I haven’t been motivated, partly because no one is reading.

However, I have over 1.2k followers on Twitter- nearly 1.3k (thank you so much for that!). Which means I’m going to share this whole blog on there and see if we can actually get some readers. So, if you’re from Twitter- Hi!

If you couldn’t tell from my ‘about’ section- if you even read it- I’m your everyday trash and my blog is going to be full of (hopefully) relatable stuff, opinions on YouTube, current events, school- and even stories from things that happen to me in real life.

If you want me to write anything for this blog let me know, but I think I’ll be writing a ‘May Favourites’ soon!

Who are some of your favourite YouTubers? Do you have any you might recommend?


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